Complete winter package (10.000L)

Complete winter package (10.000L)

Complete winter package (30.000L)

Complete winter package (30.000L)

Complete winter package (20.000L)

A cold and wet winter can be harsh on your pool. With our winter package you are well protected against damage from ice pressure as well as from melt and rain water collecting on top of the pool.
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We have made it easy to protect steel pools against ice-pressure damage, and assembled a complete package that contains everything you need except a cover.

The package contains:

Winter cushion
Snow and rainwater collects on top of the cover in winter, and can destroy both the cover and pool. It can be hard to remember, to remove collected water and snow when the elements have been generous. A winter pillow placed on the surface of the water, under the cover, ensures that the rain and melt water runs off by itself, instead of collecting in the middle of the pool on top of the cover.

Winter plug
Outlets must be closed off with a winter plug and hoses must be emptied of water, to avoid leakage in hoses and piping.

Winter floaters
Winter floaters mounted across the pool neutralise ice pressure in the surface of the water and prevent pressure damage to the pool walls and liner.

Ice protectors
Screwed onto the bottom of the skimmer and neutralise any ice pressure

Strong algae inhibiting winter protection agent.

Select the package that matches your pool size

Contents; Winter Package 2
Art no.; 6022
For pools up to; 20.000 L
1519 Winter Plug 1 1/2 ”; 1 pcs
1612 Skimmer Protector; 1 pcs
1613 Winter Floater; 8 pcs
1621 Winter Pillow 120 x 120 cm; 1 pcs
1790 WinterCare 1 L; 2 L
Fits pools art no.; 1606, 2701, 2711, 2712, 2717, 2718, 2721, 2727, 2731, 2732, 2741, 2746, 2791, 2792, 2793, 2781, 2794,
EAN; 5704841060227
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Weight (kg) 28,00
Brands Swim & Fun
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